• Samantha Barkauskas

It's Motivational Baby! 7/19/19

Is this thing on?

It's been a long time since I have written this blog and put any sort of writing down, other than in email form. I have just been feeling like I need an outlet for all of the emotions I have daily and that have built up in the time since my last post. I struggle pretty deeply with getting older. When I started this blog I was 26 I believe, now I am 38. It's weird to think in terms like that and to really process what that time has done to my personality. I basically feel the same, but I know I am not.

I have also been very embarrassingly not listening to as much new music lately and I decided that I want to change that. So, here we are, first post in and already rambling. It will hopefully get better. Here is my most recent playlist, there are a lot of new things on here that I am truly digging and also some oldies for nostalgic purposes. Even just making this playlist has inspired me in so many ways and I found some new songs/artists that I have grown to love. Some of my new favorites on this list are the Mark Ronson / Lykke Li tune "2AM". That one really gets to me, I feel dramatic starting the list with that one. The Flume song "Let You Know" is wonderful, he really uses female voices in the best way possible. And lastly I'll point out "Will We Talk" by Sam Fender, so upbeat, so catchy and so sad all in one song.

Please enjoy:


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