• Samantha Barkauskas

It's Motivational Baby! 9/26/19

Ugh, time is so difficult for me. I feel like I just wrote my last post, but alas, it was months ago.

How do people keep track of this thing we call time? Like, for example, how has it been 20 years since I graduated high school. Where did that f**king time go? It's not that I feel like I didn't experience it, it's just all too fast for the most part.

We are just a collection of the time we experience. I am only memories. I am always thinking about this, it's what makes me so "emo". And when I feel bad or embarrassed or weak for feeling emotional about experiencing things to the fullest, something tragic happens...Tragedy is something I have mostly avoided in my own life, unfortunately that means, it's mostly happening to people I know.

A woman I barely know was killed with her elderly parents by a drunk driver this Saturday in a head on collision. It's just so...pointless...when good people die. Julie was my coworker at my part time job, she was nice and quirky. I liked her. Thinking about her today.

I have been collecting these (mostly current) songs for you to listen to. Sometimes, I send them to you in the moment, most times I mean to do that and don't. I currently like the order they are in, they are meant to be listened to in that order. Or do what you want. Thanks for reading.



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